The Tiny Typist Gets Busy

21st June 2016 Little Tigers 0

There are many advantages of working at home. I can make phone calls in my pyjamas, I can have the washing machine going while I’m doing emails, I can go for coffee when I should […]

What To Do About Pocket Money?

17th June 2016 Little Tigers 0

Pocket money is a source of some confusion for parents. Should we give our children pocket money? When should we start? Should it be given in exchange for household chores, or just handed over? A […]

Star(chart)s in Their Eyes

14th June 2016 Little Tigers 0

I’m fairly sure I’ve overdone it on the star charts over the last few years – I just spotted my six-year-old son making an ‘Eat Your Breakfast All Up’ star chart for the brown fluffy […]