Build a Den for Save the Children (17-18 June)

Den Day 2016 will take place between 17-18 June. Children across the UK will be building dens at home and at school, and raising money for children who may not have a safe place to sleep.

As far as most young kids are concerned, building your own den and playing, eating or sleeping in it is the best fun ever. Den Day, coming up this Friday and Saturday (17-18 June – or you can do it at a later date), is an opportunity for families, nurseries and schools around the country to have fun building those dens and raise funds for the charity Save the Children at the same time.

There is a free Den Day Kit available by post if you sign up to take part, with fundraising tips and ideas for making dens out of chairs, tables, blankets and cardboard boxes. There are educational resources available for teachers and nursery staff too. To find out more, visit the website. Or you can contact Save the Children about this event at or call them on 020 7012 6400.

This is how Save the Children describe what they do: “At Save the Children, we do whatever it takes to help children when they need us most. We’re there when disasters like earthquakes strike, and when children are caught up in conflict in countries like Syria, or forced to leave behind everything they have in search of a life where they’re not afraid. We give them vital things like food and water, healthcare, protection and education. And we make sure they have a safe place to shelter at night. No child should miss out on any of these things, but every year, millions do. We’re working in 120 countries around the world to change this.”

This charity does some amazing things, and fundraising is an essential part of making it happen.

Image: Save the Children