2 Traditional Rose Queen Fetes This Saturday (18 June)

There is surprisingly little information online about the history of the quaint and curious Cheshire tradition that is the Rose Queen Fete.

There are several of these events during the early summer months (usually May or June), and they usually follow the same sort of pattern: The people in the village congregate for a colourful and musical procession of children, grown-ups and groups (e.g. the Scouts and Brownies), walking proudly through the streets as the crowds of watchers clap and enjoy the spectacle. The procession ends at the village green or school, or another large grassy area, and the Fete is officially opened. There is always lots of fun to be had eating, drinking, playing games, meeting up with friends and enjoying the stalls and activities laid on by the organisers. The crowning of the Rose Queen is carried out with a traditional and ceremonial flair, to the delight and applause of the crowd.

The village of Gawsworth held its first Rose Queen fete in 1929; this year is it on Saturday 18th June at 1pm. To give you an idea of what the afternoon is like, read this report in the Macclesfield Express from last year.

On the same day as Gawsworth is the Bosley Rose Queen Fete – the procession starts at 1.30pm and the crowning ceremony is at 2pm. To read the report of last year’s event, see the report in the Macclesfield Express.

The Wildboarclough Rose Queen Fete was on May 30th.