Muddy Hands, Bright Blooms, Chalk and a Scarecrow

If you planted seeds in your garden (or on your windowsills or balcony) in the spring, you may well be enjoying the flowers that are now bursting into bloom. If you didn’t, it’s not too late – there are still lots of summer gardening activities that you and the kids can do.

There are plenty of seeds that can be planted between March and June. So there’s still time for poppies, cornflowers, anemones, delphiniums and daisies, as long as you hurry up, find a sunny spot to put the tray in and don’t forget to water them.

Alternatively you can plant out some small bedding plants that somebody remembered to plant back in the spring; garden centres have plenty of varieties to choose from in all colours and for all budgets. Children love planting things, so get them involved in digging, patting the soil down and watering them as they grow.

To stop the birds pecking away at all your hard work, you could build a scarecrow. The Royal Horticultural Society has a handy guide on how to do this; you can get bamboo sticks from garden centres and straw from anywhere that sells pet supplies. This is a really fun activity for children to get involved in, especially if they have ever seen The Wizard of Oz, although they should understand that the scarecrow might not actually scare any birds!

Alternatively, if you’re not interested in gardening but you do have a patio or path with a flat surface, you could try playing with chalk. This website has some nice ideas for games to play, or you could just play hopscotch or draw chalk silhouettes around each other.

Image: Nick Lee