How to be Part of the Rio Olympic Games

It is astonishing that 4 years have passed since Great Britain hosted the 2012 Olympics and we all went sports-mad for one glorious summer. In 2016, the Olympic Games are in Rio, Brazil, between the 5th and 21st of August, with the Paralympics following between the 7th and 18th of September.

But despite the fact that it is so far away this time, you can still be there … well, a photo of you can anyway!

Our friends at Manchester School of Art, part of Manchester Metropolitan University, have told us about a project that will create a digital tapestry at the Team GB headquarters in Rio. The aim of the project, called Connected Explorers (run by 4 students and 4 university members of staff) is to collect photos of people playing “the North West’s silliest games”.

The more unusual the game or “sport”, the better. Why not try a Blindfolded Relay Race for a change, or Whoopee-Cushion Musical Bumps? 3-legged Croquet anyone? Who fancies a few rounds of Fancy Dress Twister or Piggyback Badminton?

The possibilities are endless, and if you can somehow build the activity into your child’s summer birthday party, you’ll be involving friends and family and making some happy memories too!

Organiser Jane McFadyen, Senior Lecturer at Manchester School of Art, said: “We are looking to curate people’s responses to the idea of games.” No matter how silly or serious, the images will be collected and turned into a series of huge pictures showing the North West’s sporting and cultural spirit and excellence.

The pictures will form a giant digital tapestry, which will be displayed at British House in Rio, the official “home away from home” for Team GB. The project will also be partnering with Oi Kabum! – an art school for some of the poorest but most gifted children from Rio’s disadvantaged areas.

To submit an image via Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #connectedexplorers or you can email it to

 Safety first! Please make sure games are safe and remember to supervise children at all times as they play their games. Please also note that all submitted images must be family-friendly, the copyright must belong to the person who submits an image, and all the people in the photograph must have agreed to their image being used.