Take to the Water With Aqua Babies

The North West's longest running Baby Swim School

Baby and toddler swimming in warm water pools, a wonderful bonding experience for parent and child

Aqua Babies is the longest running Baby Swim School in the North West (established in 1999 and STAmark accredited).

Parents and babies can begin their baby swimming lessons as soon as they feel ready and are comfortable to start. There is no lower age limit and some babies have taken their first dip when they were only two weeks old! Even the smallest of babies feel relaxed in the warm water pools.

The first course at Aqua Babies is a lovely gentle introduction to the sensations of water. Parents learn about comfortable and confident holding, moving, floating and playing with their babies in the pool. The teacher gently introduces the baby to the underwater world of submersions and, when the parent is ready, they learn how to smoothly guide the baby under the surface of the water as well.

Initially a baby uses strong natural reflexes to ‘breath hold’. However, during their first course, babies make the amazing transition from breath holding using its natural reflexes to prepared submersions, where the baby learns to breath hold before they are submerged in the water!  Your teacher will explain when your baby has developed this amazing skill – it is one of the most magical moments in the pool.

Throughout all Aqua Babies courses, the teacher takes into consideration each baby as an individual, and adjusts each lesson for each baby attending the class. Skills are taught at a comfortable pace, which helps build confidence in the pool for both parent and child.

Some of the benefits of swimming courses at Aqua Babies are as follows:

  • Teachers are highly qualified and specifically trained in baby and pre-school swimming
  • Progress through the course is at a baby’s own pace
  • Swimming sessions are structured and fun
  • Safety skills are taught through songs and games
  • Swimming exercises all muscle groups and increases lung capacity
  • Aqua Babies is a great bonding experience
  • Swimming aids early brain development in babies
  • Swimming encourages high self-esteem in toddlers
  • All courses take place in very warm pools, some of which are specialist hydrotherapy pools

There are 10 Aqua Babies Centres throughout Cheshire and Greater Manchester. To find out more, visit the website or call (0161) 973 1931.