A Harvest Moon Eclipse TONIGHT

One of the highlights of the Autumn term at primary school is the great British tradition of the Harvest Festival, where kids are encouraged to bring food in to the hall (which later gets distributed to the needy or the elderly in the community) and there’s a special Assembly of thanksgiving. There are also Harvest Festival celebrations this weekend at local churches and other places of interest (for example this one, where pets get a special blessing, at Tatton Park).

So who decides when Harvest Festival is going to be, each year? Well there is a magic (and slightly complicated) formula: Harvest Festival falls on the Sunday closest to The Harvest Moon, which is the Full Moon that occurs closest to  The Autumn Equinox, which this year is on Thursday 22nd September.

That full moon is TONIGHT, and the earth’s shadow will fall over it in the early evening – so lets hope for clear skies. Read more here.

If this is all too much to take in, just close your eyes and listen to this gorgeous song instead.