Halloween in a Hurry – by Daisy Dorothy

I am always woefully unprepared for Halloween, probably because I am in denial that it’s on its way. The signs are all there – it’s just been half term, the clocks have just gone back, the leaves are falling fast and it’s turned cold – and yet I managed to avoid thinking about it until yesterday when I went to the supermarket and the staff were all dressed up in Halloween costumes.

I checked the date and realised this was my last chance to get something sorted out, so I marched back to the small pile of leftover pumpkins that nobody else wanted, picked two and a load of chocolates in wrappers for the trick-or-treaters that might come knocking. I went home and arranged to meet a friend with kids of similar ages, so that we can all go out together this evening.

I know that after school I’ll be bombarded with a rapid-fire of Halloween questions from the kids about what we’re doing, when and with whom, and do I know where the vampire teeth are? It will be the usual mad rush of speed-eating, digging out costumes and facepaints, trying to persuade the kids to wear thermals to avoid the risk of frostbite, and looking for candles to light the pumpkins (that were carved out last night when the kids should have been in bed) with.

After the trick-or-treating, the night will end as it does on ‘All Hallows Evening’ every year – with the kids highly over-excited and stuffed full of sugar, and a fat glass of wine for me.