Get Fit & Bring Your Baby Along Too

Here is a brilliant way for post-natal women to exercise, socialise and look after their babies at the same time.

If you have recently had a baby, you may be unsure about how to exercise safely and get your body back into shape; postural change, weight gain, muscle shortening, pelvic floor weakness and ligament softening are all issues that can come with pregnancy and childbirth.

Buggyfit is an outdoor exercise classes that post-natal Mums can bring their babies to, in a pram or buggy. As well as helping you to get fit, exercising with other women in the same situation as you can also help you to make friends.

All Buggyfit trainers are experts in post-natal fitness and wellbeing, so will be able to help and advise on issues such as pelvic floor and diastastis recti. This makes classes safe and effective, targeting the areas hardest hit by pregnancy, childbirth and labour. Each session combines cardio work with resistance, bodyweight strengthening, and toning exercises.

Emma Wilson-Dart has been running Buggyfit classes in Altrincham, Northwich and Appleton for 11 years. Her contact details can be found here on her website. Classes are as follows:

  • Monday 11.30am: Altrincham
  • Tuesday 10.30am: Northwich
  • Wednesday 9.30am: Appleton
  • Friday 10.30am: Altrincham