What is a Maternity Nanny?

A Maternity Nanny is not just for the rich and famous! She can really assist parents in the early days with a smooth introduction to their baby and parenting in general, explains Di Williams of Nannyplus Childcare.

A Maternity Nanny will be a baby specialist and have a wealth of experience to offer, not only for first time parents but also for families when a new baby arrives. She can help and teach about the development of the baby, weaning and sleep routine, and encourage parental confidence and promote positive reactions from siblings.

A Maternity Nanny can also offer help and advice on a Mother’s diet, rest and general wellbeing, which is particularly useful following a C-section or a difficult birth when she is so tired. In conjunction with parents, a Maternity Nanny will establish a form of routine that meets the family’s needs, taking into account lifestyles and feeding and sleeping patterns, working with parents according to their wishes.

She is responsible for all the needs of the baby, including bathing, changing, settling the baby, bottle preparation, and taking care of the baby’s laundry and nursery equipment. She will also provide support and advice on sleeping positions and assist babies with colic.

For bottle fed babies, she will determine which formula and teat size suits the baby, and help with winding and resettling. For breast-fed babies, she will observe and help the mother to establish a good breastfeeding position and attachment, and advise on dealing with any other issues. She will also settle the baby after a feed day and night.

The Maternity Nanny may well be sharing a room with the baby, or she may have her own room. Maternity nannies are usually booked for 5-6 days per week and will be on call 24 hours per day, or 12 hour days or 12 hour nights.