The Life Tree: Personalised & Fun Children’s Artwork

The Life Tree is a stunning piece of children’s artwork which was created by Nantwich-based art publishers, Blutulip. This delightful, fun and colourful piece of children’s art features charming animal characters who live in The Life Tree. Each scene in the tree depicts a different stage of life -from the arrival of new life at the bottom of the tree to the final journey that the aged mouse takes at the top.

The idea of this fabulous painting is to stimulate children’s imagination and each Life Tree is personalised with either your child’s name or a message, the letters of which are hidden throughout the painting. By searching for their name, children interact with the picture, often creating endless stories and adventures for the characters they find there and ultimately experiencing their own personal journey through the Life Tree.

Graham Finch, one of the Directors of Blutulip Publishing explains “Dan and I were inspired by the beautiful illustrations in the children’s books we remember having. We wanted to create a bespoke piece of illustrative artwork that would engage and inspire children.”

The Life Tree is so much more than a piece of art – every picture comes with a book of verses with each verse depicting a scene from the tree and, as with the picture itself, they all resonate on many different levels ensuring that adults find them as thought-provoking as their children find them amusing. The Life Tree is very much a creation of modern times and as such embraces technology. There is a free to download Life Tree app which uses touch screen technology to bring the picture alive with children being able to listen to the verses of wisdom through the app whilst looking at the picture on screen. In a world where technology is used to help fire children’s imagination, this fabulous creation is truly a breath of fresh air.