Underground Caves at Pooles Cavern

Amid the beautiful scenery of the Peak District is Buxton’s Poole’s Cavern and Country Park. This fascinating place is an ancient cavern that was once home to Stone Age and Roman visitors.

Expert guides tell you about the history of the place and the legends that lie within. The chambers are beautifully lit and you get to see glistening stalactites and crystals everywhere you look. The underground tour takes 45-minutes.

The visitor’s centre café is open daily for snacks and meals and there is a large outside shady seating area.

When you get back up to ground level, you can explore the country park woodland of Grin Low, by following the way-marked sculpture nature trails through the 100-acre woodland.

You can also climb to the hilltop viewpoint that give you panoramic scenes across the Peak District and Buxton.