Exam Success at Alderley Edge School for Girls

Alderley Edge School for Girls celebrated in August, after girls achieved the best ever ‘A’ level results at the school. The school had a great success with its GCSE results – particularly in light of the uncertainty over the newly reformed exams and with the majority of subjects now reporting numerical rather than letter grades.

The percentage of equivalent A/A* grades achieved by students this year increased, with almost 45% of all grades being awarded at this very highest level.  Achievement in the Sciences is outstanding at the School with 90% of all grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics being at the very top level of A and A* and 75% of all grades in Computer Science and Statistics being either A or A* equivalent.

67% of grades in Further Maths were at A or higher. However, students have also achieved fantastic results in Art subjects too, with 77% of all grades, for instance, being equivalent to either an A or an A* in History and over 70% achieving at this level in Art.

Almost 10% of the year group were awarded A and A* grades across the board and congratulations, in particular, go to Aditi Chandana who achieved 9 equivalent A* grades (7 being at the new Grade 9) and was awarded a A^ (higher even than an A*) in Further Maths GCSE.

Shanice Donatien attained 8 equivalent A* grades (with 9 grades in five of her subjects).  Sophie Kay celebrates 9A* grades (with 4 of these being at Grade 9) and Maggie Khoryati attained 9A* grades (with 7 of these being at Grade 9).

Lucy Ferris celebrated her 6 Grade 9s and Dalia Halwani and Hattie Rigby achieved a fantastic clutch of A, A* and 9 grades. We know that they, alongside the other girls who achieved so much this year, will go onto achieve great things in their A Level studies.

Helen Jeys, Headmistress of Alderley Edge School for Girls, said:  “We emphasise to the girls that – with hard work and determination – they can achieve at the very highest level. The girls have proved that, despite the uncertainties connected with the new GCSE courses and grading, they, with the help of our fantastic staff, can achieve outstanding results. With almost 15% of grades awarded being at the very highest level associated with Grade 9, they have set themselves fantastic foundations for future success.”