3 Reasons to Advertise in Little Tigers

3 Reasons Why You Should Include Little Tigers in Your 2019 Marketing Plan

1. We commission original content from local writers who are parents
We have strengthened our editorial team with two freelance journalists (one with extensive newspaper experience and one from ITV) and a columnist who has recently completed a masters degree in Creative Writing. They all have young children of their own, and understand our readers’ interests and concerns.

2. We’re optimistic about the future of niche, quality print publishing
The print publishing sector is going through a tough time, as readers go online and sales decline. However, I believe there is still a place for good quality and creatively edited printed magazines. They have a longer shelf-life than webpages. There are no flashing pop-up distractions competing for their readers’ attention — readers can sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy some quiet ‘me-time’ as they leaf through the pages. Little Tigers is niche, passionately local, friendly and useful — and it is growing — and it is FREE!

3. We focus on readers exclusively in NE Cheshire and S Manchester
Unlike some local parenting magazines, we don’t attempt to please the whole of Manchester or the whole of Cheshire. Little Tigers is distributed to its readers across a network of 125+ loyal outlets, and is targeted at families with children aged 0 to 11.

Please join us and be part of a unique enterprise that has been serving local families since 2001. To book advertising space or to discuss editorial opportunities, or if you would like to receive a copy of the latest issue, please do get in touch.