Sounds a Bit Fishy to Me

March 30, 2018 Little Tigers 0

There are around one million different species living in the earth’s deep oceans, which cover 71% of the surface of our planet. That’s a lot of marine life that we are never ever ever going to see. However if […]

Victoria, Albert and the Christmas Tree

October 30, 2016 Little Tigers 0

Christmas trees became fashionable in December 1848, after the London News printed a woodcut illustration of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, five of their children and a Governess gathered around a tree at Windsor Castle. Victoria […]

What To Do About Pocket Money?

June 17, 2016 Little Tigers 0

Pocket money is a source of some confusion for parents. Should we give our children pocket money? When should we start? Should it be given in exchange for household chores, or just handed over? A […]