The Tiny Typist Gets Busy

There are many advantages of working at home. I can make phone calls in my pyjamas, I can have the washing machine going while I’m doing emails, I can go for coffee when I should be working and I can work when I should be sleeping. I often wake up at 5am with baby Jack, give him a bottle to go back to sleep with and tiptoe down to my desk for an hour or two of precious thinking time in a quiet house. The flexible, bendable, work-when-I-can lifestyle suits me quite well at this stage of my life.

There are downsides however. My toddler Katie likes to explore the house looking for adventures and, although she knows she’s not meant to “mess with Mummy’s work stuff”, the temptation often gets the better of her. Yesterday I went into my office (which also serves as the dumping ground for everything we can’t fit into the lounge), and found plenty of evidence of “messing”. My in-tray was full of dolls’ clothes, a teddy imposter was perched on my chair staring at my laptop screen, there was sawdust from the hamster cage on the floor and my post-its and good pens had mysteriously disappeared.

Leaving a Word document up on my screen was my biggest mistake. Katie the tiny typist had snuck in to practice her keyboard skills and embellished it*( to <$£ the@!! point __*& where %I <><>? had _– to start %^%$£$ all *** over !£@ again!