Which Type of Party Parent Are You?

When you become a parent, the ability to organise and run a child’s birthday party is a terrifying new challenge to be tackled and mastered. There are lots of surprises in store, and you just have to learn how to deal with them ‘on the job’. After a while, you become something of an expert. You start seeing patterns emerge, you learn some handy tricks, and develop a robust set of child’s party throwing skills. Not only that, but you start to develop a party-persona for when your child goes to another child’s party … do you recognise yourself as one of these?


Gets the invitation and thinks: “yippee! Two hours free childcare!” She / he is the first to arrive, dumps, runs, and is the last to pick up.


Accepts every party invitation, stays for the duration

and then moans the whole way through.


She / he instantly offers to help with the food, comforts the child who has fallen over and starts filling a binbag with rubbish 10 minutes before the end.


He / she rarely gets a chance to go out nowadays. Beggars can’t be choosers and a kid’s party is better than no party. Chats to everyone, laughs the loudest, suggests nights out and wishes there was wine.


This party person mucks in with everything and has a brilliant time playing with the kids. He or she can be spotted doing embarrassing dances, supervising the bouncy castle or sitting cross-legged in a circle, playing Pass the Parcel.


She or he drops their child outside, avoids all eye contact with the other parents, and disappears without speaking to anyone. Nobody sees their child leave.