2 of the Best Unruly but Hilarious Birthday Games

Sometimes the funniest party games are the ones that make people look a bit silly. The trick is to let the kids play them if they want to, but never make them feel pressurised to join in if they don’t want to. These games are more suitable for older children and must always be supervised by at least one sensible adult.

Everyone sits in a circle in silence, and the person in the middle is blindfolded and holding a cushion. The person in the middle finds their way to someone’s lap, puts down the cushion, sits down and commands “squeak piggy squeak!” The sitter has to guess, from all the squeaking and giggling, who they are sitting on. Whoever is guessed correctly takes the next turn.

Put the children into pairs and give them a toilet roll. One person has to wrap up the other like an Egyption mummy, avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth. The first pair to use up the whole toilet roll wins, but the faster they go the more it breaks and then they have to start all over again. At the end, the real Mummy or Daddy can volunteer to get wrapped up, just for a laugh.